TBN ruined [warning: sarcasm ahead]

I would like to thank Princeton Seminary for ruining my ability to enjoy great programming such as TBN’s movie The Perfect Stranger. Granted I should have gone to sleep, but this heart-wrenching hour long movie grabbed my channel surfing attention.

In it a lawyer meets for dinner with a Perfect Stranger. I missed the first few minutes, so I am not sure if the lawyer got setup on the blind date with this Perfect Stranger. But the Stranger turns out to be Jesus. Of course, this Jesus representation has him in an Armani Suit, blonde hair and blue eyed.

Who needs seminary when in one hour, Jesus explains

  • what is wrong with all other religions
  • why Christianity is the only way
  • how Jesus is God, otherwise he was a liar or a lunatic
  • how the resurrection is right (N.T. Wright argument)
  • penal substitution
  • what heaven and hell is
  • why bad things happen to good people
  • how there is a great divide between us and God

    all while eating in a four star resturant with only WASPs chowing away in the background.

    Still not as classic as Without Reservation

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