4 thoughts on “new hobby (habit?)

  1. If I don’t smoke ’em but collect ’em does that count? It is turning out to be like my book collection I buy ’em faster than I read/smoke them.

  2. Well Wes, if I may say so, it is all a matter of “Why” you are doing it. If it is to fill some lonely empty area of your heart, then I’d be careful. If it is instead to enjoy the fruits of God’s creation in moderation and proper stewardship, then by all means it is a hobby.Not that I know anything about this pastime, but if it were up to me it is hard to beat a Montecristo #2 for overall enjoyability. Of course one should honor our country’s ban on Cuban products, so one should be satisfied with the product coming out of the Dominican Republic. Of course if one were to come across a product of Cuba than you really should get rid of the evidence. Combustion is an appropriate method. You would find the Cuban version a bit more harsh in some ways (Cuba has never really gotten the Conneticut wrapper down), but overall a much more creamy texture than the DR product. Of course this is all third party information I have read about….

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