Preseason begins today

Thank goodness the Off-season of football is about over, and we can start focusing on February 4th, 2007 in Miami for XLI.

The NFL has released a few games to tantalize us with the revamped schedule:
Remember 1) to see MNF you now have to have cable; 2) NBC is now in the NFL mix with Sunday Night games, first time since 1997.

Thursday Night [September 7th]
Steelers versus Dolphins
Sunday Double Header [September 10th]
TO and the Cowboys versus the Jags of JAX.
Sunday Night Primetime
Eli vs. Peyton
MNF Double Header(?) [September 11th]
Vikings versus the Skins (7:00)
Chargers versus Raiders (10:15)
Looks like NFL forgot something when they created this opening schedule.
The fans.
  • First you take MNF off of ABC and put it on ESPN. Then you add Kornhauser to Theisman.
  • Next you let NBC come onboard so that Gregg Gumble or Bob Costas or whoever has been doing the weekly Figure Skating commentaries can host with John Madden?
  • Third you feature the Dolphins against the Super Bowl Champs? How about a team with some relevance. Then squeezed into a hectic Opening Sunday is America’s team versus another irrelevant team.
  • Sunday Night has an intruiging matchup-Brother vs. Brother-but it is almost too cheesy for NBC’s first real sporting event (minus NASCAR of course). I picture them using the fireplace set from Torino to have Katie Couric interview Archie Manning, “So Arch, you are you pulling for?”
  • And then in an attempt to recuscitate MNF on ESPN they feature the Vikings…Uh, ESPN-Daunte and Moss no longer play there.
  • Finally near MIDNIGHT, they get something right and feature two rivals with interesting QB situations, too bad 93% of America will be asleep because we don’t care about the PST.

What happened Teaglibue? Decide that your predecessor should have it just as difficult as you did?

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