Best in Show

Each year I try to keep up with old high school friends from Lovett to see who will make the biggest splash in the MLB.

George Lombard (OF)
Washington Nationals
One of Georgia’s best RBs, was going to UGA before the Braves game him a huge signing bonus. But he has never been able to stay with a team. Braves, then the Tigers, the Devil Rays, the Nationals, somewhere in there was also the Red Sox and another team as well. But he has great speed and good power that will often help him make the extended roster of teams.
I remember being in Lovett’s lockerroom when George brought in his fellow Minor leaguer friend Andruw Jones.

Brent Abernathy (2B)
Minnesota Twins
Like George, Brent has moved alot. But unlike George, his development in the minors took a while, and he made it into the starting rotation for the Devil Rays in 2002.

Jonathan Schuerholz (2B)
Atlanta Braves (Farm leagues)
Critics always said that the reason Jonathan got drafted out of high school was because of his dad (the Braves GM) but he headed off to Auburn first. Now Jonathan has shown them wrong by getting added to the invited roster of the Braves. First step towards starting for the Perpetual NL East champs!

Let’s see who makes the biggest statistical impact this season, good luck fellas.
Now I wonder if they will autograph my baseball cards?

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