Finding answers on Podcast

In preperation for my CPE commute, I have been collecting good podcasts the past couple of days. And already I have found some answers:

Relevant Magazine Podcast:

Pat Robertson claims he can leg press 2000lbs due to his power-protein shake. This means that he has broken the world record set in FSU at 1335lbs. That is amazing that a 75 year-old evanglist can leg press that much. I had been considering getting back into some supplements, and it sounds like this might be the answer.

One Campaign:
At the end of the most recent podcast, Bono’s sermon/talk at the Congress’ prayer breakfast is attached. It is actually a fairly good talk. I was impressed, but of course anything Bono does impresses me, I admit.

Erwin McManus’s sermons are now available via podcast. And this most recent one (“Leadership”) actually helped answer a huge question I have had recently. I have been struggling to understand why/how we can claim God’s providence and God’s love when even Jesus walked by sick people and decided not to heal them. At the pool of Saloam there were many people there wanting healing, yet Jesus heals only one of them. I tried to understand why and how we could claim that God wants to heal and end suffering, to liberate the oppressed, and save the marganilized when he does not even do that while walking among us.
In McManus’ sermon, he mentioned that Jesus not only was here to help, to aid, to liberate, to free and to save, but also to equip. He also equipped Peter and John so that they could heal the blind beggar at the city gates (in Acts 3). Perhaps Jesus could have done that himself–he did heal a bling beggar in John’s Gospel–but perhaps the reason that there will “Always be the poor among us” is because we–the church–are equipped to respond, and must respond.

other podcasts I now subscribe to:
Ed Young, ESPN: Dan Patrick, Warehouse242, NBC Nightly News, The Next Level Church, Mars Hill (Driscoll), and Erik Leafblad (@ Princeton Alliance)
And did you know Nassau Presbyterian has a Podcast!
Almost wish my commute was longer.

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