unkept promises

Do you remember what was so trendy last year.
Debt Aid and Trade for Africa.
Remember Live8, it even got the attention of the Eight of the World’s Most Powerful Leaders, and they made promises.
Unfortunately, we get distracted easily.
If you have 17minutes and 49seconds, please listen to the ONEcast
Also, if you do not have time to write President Bush and the Congress, you can easily send the Keep Live 8 to remind them of the promises they made last summer.

When Bill Gates gave the tremendous amount of money for aid to the world’s poorest, I heard callers and emailers on CNN saying that Gates was misguided by giving that money to people “over there” rather than focusing upon the poor here.
I find those complaints unfortunate because it reveals that Americans do not understand moderate and relative poverty versus extreme poverty. What we face and encounter in America (which is poverty) is mainly relative and occassionally moderate poverty. It is no where near the detramental form of poverty found in Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia called extreme poverty.
Currently in Africa there are households who make $1 per day, and that would be considered moderate poverty for they have an income that can provide gruel for the children.
For more information on the difference between Moderate and Extreme Poverty check out The End of Poverty (Bono wrote the forward) it is a facisnating description of the World’s Ecnomic problems.

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