Spiritual Conversations with a 2 year old

Ellie: Daddy, can we pray?

Me:  Yes, Ellie, why don’t you repeat after me:

Dear God

Ellie:           Dear God

Me:  Thank you for loving me

Ellie:            Thank you for loving me

Me:  And for sending Jesus

Ellie:            And for sending Jesus

Me:  Amen

Ellie:          Amen

Daddy, can you pray?

Me: Dear God thank you for loving us and sending your son Jesus for us, help us to love you more and to love other people.  Amen.

Did you know you can pray anytime you want?

Ellie:         Anytime I want?

     Thank, thank you God?

Me:  Yes, and the one I taught you

Ellie:            God help me?

Me:  Yes, anytime

Do you know what Ellie, God loves you

Ellie: And daddy, and mommy, and mimi and papa, and pops and nana

Me:  And God loves you more than all of us

Ellie:            And I love God

            I want to pray:

Thank you, thank you God thank you from my heart, thank you thank you God thank you from my heart.

Me:  Do you know what is amazing, is that God sent Baby Jesus for us?

Ellie:  Yeah,

are you God?

Me:  Oh, no, I just love God a lot.

Ellie:  Daddy, where is Jesus?

Me:  He is with God

Ellie:            Daddy, where is God?

Me:      [hesitates] He is everywhere?

Ellie:           Are there lots of gods?

Me:  Oh no! just one [holding up one finger]

Ellie:          And Baby Jesus [adds a finger]

Me:  Yes, and the Holy Spirit [adds a third finger]

Ellie:         And who is that one? [pointing to my pinky]

Me:  Oh no one, is just three.

Ellie:            And Baby Jesus is in the manger.

            Are we going under the train tracks?

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