Devotion: To All the Mom’s Making Lunch

by Lindsay Barry

The story of the feeding of the five thousand has a lot of players…Jesus, the disciples, the crowds, and a little boy with a lunch to share. For the first time it dawned on me the power of an unnamed, hidden figure—the boy’s mom. She undoubtedly sent him with—or brought with them as a family— the meager five loaves and two fish. The very meal that Jesus would use to miraculously multiply into abundance. 

Isn’t this the story of every mom? Thousands of small gestures and mundane acts done on behalf of the ones in our care.

Sometimes I just want to know that my efforts matter. That they are seen by someone. That they are making a difference and an impact.

This story is an encouragement to all the mothers. Not only did her preparedness and provision matter. But she also raised a little boy who saw a need and didn’t hesitate to offer up what little they had.

So whether you are the mom, the little boy, or the more prominent disciples, offer whatever you have in your hands to Him and watch Him do something great. You never know what the effect a small act of kindness has in the hands of a loving father.

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