Disciple-Making Field Manual

Disciple-Making Field Guide (Full PDF)

Part I:: What is a Disciple?

Disciples are people who are following Jesus to be changed by Jesus in order to be used by Jesus.

First Mark: Spend time with God
Action Step: Disciple-Making Reading Guide

Second Mark: Grow as a Follower
Action Step: Ruthless Self-Assessment

Third Mark: Build Relationships with Others
Action Step: Art of Neighboring

Fourth Mark: Invest in the Hurting and Lonely
Action Step: Set your “GPS”
–Gifts: Read and Take APEST Assessment
–Passion: Develop a Personal Mission Statement
–Story: Write your Faith Story

Part II:: Disciple-Making Bible Reading Guide


Come & See: “Jesus and the 3″ (1/7/2019)

Go & Be: Walk this Way” (2/5/2019)