Calvin Thesis

Below are the results of my doctoral research into masculinity, the church and F3. Be warned that my mother fell asleep on page 17, so rather then read, I’d encourage the men of F3 to listen to these podcasts. Or, perhaps just let Calvin express it very succinctly.


  1. Introduction
    • Thesis Structure
  2. Preceding Research
    • Loss of Masculinity
    • Male Engagement with the Feminized Chruch
    • Rebuilding Masculine Identity
    • Crucibles
    • Power of Male Community
    • F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith)
    • Prepared to Lead
  3. Biblical Foundation
    • Genesis 1: In the Beginning
    • Genesis 2: The Purposeful Man
    • Genesis 3: The Failure of Adamic Passivity
    • Genesis 4: The Failure of Cainite Hypermasculinity
    • Flawed Masculinity after the Garden
    • Consequences
  4. Methodology
    • Procedure
    • Biblical Archetype Scoring
  5. Results
    • Data Analysis
    • Impact of Crucibles
    • Impact of Male Community
    • Qualititave Anaylsis of F3’s Influence
    • Summary
  6. Implications for Ministry, Limitations and Further Research

Please contact Wes for access to full thesis.