About Wes

a pastor, husband, father, ultra-runner & then some other stuff

It occurred to me while I was once changing the 33rd diaper of the day that I have always embraced challenges. Whether it has been running ultra-marathons, starting a new church, or simply parenting triplet boys and a teenage girl, I seek to do what is hard. As a result, God has taken my life through an exciting journey, and I’m looking forward to more.

Growing up in Atlanta, I came to faith in Christ in high school, and headed off to Davidson College in Charlotte, NC.  My freshmen year I “practiced” football, but determined that I was a better tackling dummy by my Sophomore year.  So, I felt led into YoungLife ministry.

Through YoungLife and getting plugged into a church plant in Charlotte called Warehouse242, I discovered a relationship with Jesus that goes beyond knowledge but is lived out daily.

After college, I married my college sweetheart, and stayed in Charlotte to serve on YoungLife staff and as a youth director at a 200 year-old congregation.  From there we left for the “wilderness” of New Jersey at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Forging bonds through poker and flag football, I learned the value of having men sharpening one another, and praying for each other.  With a mark of pride, my daughter’s birth certificate announces her arrival in Trenton, NJ.

Gratefully, after those 3 years, I got to return to Charlotte in 2007 to serve another 200 year old congregation, First Presbyterian of Charlotte.

It was in this chapter that God determined to really test our resolve, as my wife and I had told God we wanted two children.  He agreed to two pregnancies, but still wanted us to have our 4 children; so we have been blessed with three strong young triplet boys along with our older girl.

By 2013, I began to discover that I had idolized comfort and security over Christ.  Uncovering these heart idols, began a process of feeling led by God to join Paul to leave the security of a stable career in an established congregation in order to move onto the mission field as a church planter.  Through F3, a men’s fitness, fellowship and faith movement, I discovered a need for other men to be equipped to live their Faith in their places of influence. This led to my receiving aDoctorate in Ministry for Christian Leadership from Gordon Conwell, which specifically addressed Masculinity and Leadership Development Theories.

In 2014, I led the formation and launch of new church, Waypoint Community Church. Our church is a genuine community where people come to get their Bearings for this Journey called Life in order that we may draw one step closer to Jesus to be pushed out one step further in mission.

This is where the journey is, and we are excited about what is the next paragraph to be added…because the Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends.

Statement of Faith