When was the last time you drove anywhere with out the radio or a cd blaring in the car? When was the last time you spent five minutes without the distraction of a computer, or television or gameboy?
Personally I struggle to find a few minutes in the day to be in silence. I hate silence. I hate being alone. I hate not having something to grab my attention. I hate feeling bored. But I also realize the importance.
Two years ago I went to visit a friend of mine in Scotland. For 36 hours I flew to Europe, checked into a hotel in London and visited sites around London. Not knowing a sole, not wanting to meet new people. So besides checking into the hotel, I did not speak to sole for those 36 hours. At that moment I realized how much I hate being by myself. At the same time though I realized the importance of silence.
Silence offers us an opportunity to think, without distraction. And it also allows God to speak to us, without distractions. We fill our lives with noise every day of the week, but I challenge you to find five minutes at some point this week to sit without the television, radio or computer on.
And my guess your experience might go something like this:
First Ten seconds: “Five minutes, no problem, I’ll just close my eyes and pray”.
10secs-1 Minute: Okay, I’m done praying, I should open my eyes and I’ll bet I have 20 seconds left. Four more minutes! Oh great I’m bored.
1 Minute- 2nd minute: I’m really bored!
2nd minute- 3rd minute: Questions will start to pop into your head, some personal: “Does Steve/Susan really like me?”, “Do I like myself?” some spiritual: “What is important to my life?” “Do I really think God is part of my life”.
3rd minute-5th minute: Questions like those above will swirl around your head.
So give it a try. Turn of the computer screen and that cd playing in the back ground. And for five minutes just sit there and ask yourself these two questions: “What is important in my life?” and “Do I think, or want, God to be part of my life?” And I promise as those questions race through your head for five minutes, you might hear the soft, quite voice of God saying: “I have come to bring you life and life to the full” (John 10:10).

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