life in a bubble

On the way to work today, I heard about an 80 year old man who has not traveled further than 3 miles from his home in the last 40 years! And he is not from a large city like Charlotte, where the multiplex theater, Wal-Mart and Harris Teeter are all in one enormous shopping center.
The three things within his driving distance are his house, a small country grocery store and his church.
For 40 years he has not left his town to visit family, friends, to see the ocean, to climb a mountain, to see Disneyworld, to see Washington DC, to see a skyscraper.
At first I envied his way of life, how simple–no traffic, no construction, no headaches–just he and his bees (his hobby). But then I realized how hard of an existance: Bees travel up to 12 miles for pollen! They have seen more of God’s creation than this man.
And as a professional religious person I began to think about our own lives. And how we are alot like this man. Often times I am scared to travel into the unknown. I am scared to adventure past my comfort zone. I am scared of what may be instore for me out there. I am scared to truly Trust God with my whole life. I want to live in this safe, 3 mile bubble, where I can control all of my life.
But by failing to trust God and give Him my full life I will so much of the world.
Just like the man, who will never see the beach or stand atop a mountain, if I fail to give God my whole life I will never see the amazing plans he has in store for my life.

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