The virtue of patience….

For the past few weeks I have been waiting, sometimes patiently, often times not for three things.
1) a video game, 2) a panthers jersey and 3) my acceptance (or rejection) letter to Princeton.

I realized how impatient I am. I can preach about waiting on God’s timing. I can pray, God I trust your will–but I rarely practice such actions. I honestly know that ultimately it is God’s decision whether I get into seminary or not, but I just want to know….So I can begin working on the little details.

That is still my battling for control. How do I rid myself of this incessant need to be in control?

What is the Christian response to piss poor planning proves problematic, or prepare for the worst-hope for the best?

Perhaps it is because deep down I know the letter will transform everything–my job, my career, my life, my family structure, my income, my location, my whatever. But also deep down I know that I have security in God.

So what’s the balance? Is impatience always negative and a lack of trust in God?
Do you think Mary was impatient to get this baby out of her? Do you think Jesus was impatient–why did he kill the fig tree?

Perhaps impatience-when knowing whichever outcome is God’s-is not necessarily as negative as the church, and preachers, and me would want you to believe.

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