ex niliho

If saying that God created everything from nothing, what problems arise?
What is wrong with saying that we(everything) is subject to God…Isn’t that true. Isn’t the ultimate point of reference over and above all things? Otherwise he is not the ultimate.
And isn’t that the first step in sharing the gospel–helping individuals realize that there is something greater than themselves out there.

But the tension arrives in the fact that if God is over/above us he is not among us. Yet if he is only among us, then he is subject to us. And that subjection is precisely what occured in Jesus. The risk of the incarnation is that Jesus Christ came and subjected himself to us. So if the Word lives, then doesn’t that immence live? Isn’t that the end of the Gospel presentation, that we this immenence (presence of Christ in us and the world) will be perfected and eternal.

I want to know what the “masses” think about God.
I want to know what the majority of Christians preceive God as.
I doubt that most would want to live in this tension.

Perhaps that is why i have been drawn to the Brian Nicholas/Ashley Smith case (the courtroom shooting case). Brian called Ashley the angel sent to her from God…obviously that is wrong on the level that she is not an angel. I pray that my God did not have those events occur (a determinist, transcendent God) so that an “angel” could appear to Nicholas. Similarly, I pray that my God was not absent from those events suffering alongside the victims, speaking from the faith of Smith and convicting the sin of Nicholas. Isn’t it too simplistic to say that God had predetermined those events, yet isn’t it too complex to say that God had predetermined those horrific events?

In the end, I yet again left with the Christian tension.

God created out of nothing, yet God, himself, was created in that act.

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