Lyme Disease

Well, that was certainly an interesting experience…I just returned from Costa Rica, but the real adventure started two weeks ago.
After five sleepless nights, I decided to visit the doctor because of a severe headache and a fever. At first the doctor thought I was dehydrated from marathon training, so they stuck me with an IV. When that did not seem to help, I headed to the ER for more fluids and blood tests. The blood tests were negative, as were the CAT scan and Spinal Tap–side note: those hurt like hell.
Reluctantly, the doctors let me decide if I should go on to Costa Rica (I was leaving town in 10 hours). Without a diagnosis, though, they suggested I stay stateside–but since I am rather stubborn, I had made my mind up to leave as scheduled and “tough” it out.
So I returned home, took a nap and felt…horrible. With the doctor’s office closing in twenty minutes, and my bags packed, I discovered a huge rash on my ankle. Lindsay and I jumped in the car and headed back to McCosh, figuring that the rash had cancelled the trip. Surprisingly the doctors were relieved to see my rash and immediately diagnosised me with Lyme Disease, threw a ton of pills at me and said “Adios.”
Though the trip from Newark to Atlanta to Liberia, Costa Rica is a fog of post-spinal tap pain, medicine and lyme disease, I ended up in a beautiful country with my family for an amazing trip.

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