Have we already forgotten?

“You will always have the poor among you”
John 12:8
This is one of the most difficult passages of scripture I wrestle with. Jesus continues to say “…you will not always have me.”

It seems that just a few weeks ago aid to Africa was the trendy, cool topic of discussion. But after people left the free Live8 concerts it seems that most people have gone on with their lives forgetting that starvation is occurring daily.

Tonight’s NBC Nightly news had a moving piece regarding Niger’s famine, which has resulted due to draught and locusts. 50 years ago, Africa was selfsufficient and actually exporting food. Now it needs 14 million dollars to import food, so that it can save children and mothers.

Niger has a population of 11million people, 3.6 million are starving (not on the brink, not about to starve, but actually starving). 800,000 of those are children.

Please go read NBC’s website, and pray: Region on the Brink

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