I realized today that I might obsessed with NFL football.

With only one television, I had TiVo record the AFC game (Steelers vs. Titans) while I watched the Bears take on the Skins and listen to my Panthers lose to the Saints on the internet.

I was also disappointed to learn that the final regular season NASCAR race was held on Saturday night, otherwise I would have needed a second television–perhaps I could convince the spouse to get a Plasma…oh well.

PS: If the Panther-Saints game is any indecation of things to come, the Saints may have a “miracle” season. 3 TD passes to be called back (not saying the refs were wrong, because they made the right call, the difference was a mere 2 inches on all the catches), game winning field goal with 3 seconds left…don’t underestimate Deuce, Brooks and Horn this season.

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