ric feld/AP

FEMA is planning to reimburse churches for opening their doors to Katrina’s survivors. I understand a church’s perspective that they need reimbursement for the electricty, food, etc. But that should not come from the federal government, nor any outside source.

If the congregation is not willing to support the work that these churches choice to do, then the church needs to alter it’s bottom line.

I know the argument is that “God will provide” and it may appear that God is providing through FEMA. However, might God also be asking churches to consider what their function/identity in society truly is.

I would argue that houses of worship primary focus should be that of a “Sanctuary” for the lost, the poor, the homeless, the orphaned, the widowed, and the hopeless.

As families struggle financially, the church could exemplify God’s call for self-surrender by restructing budgets, cancelling unnecessary events, equipping church members with a Biblical perspective regarding tithing, serving, and self-sacrificing.

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