A big sigh of relief

This is not the Word of God.

As I prepare for my multiple preaching opportunities this semester, I am tentatively excited. Then I stumbled across a great point by Ronald Byars in Christian Worship: glorifying and Enjoying God…Sometimes the Word of God is the exact opposite of what the preacher is proclaiming.

So, with that understanding, I have given myself the grace to preach to the best of my ability knowing that sometimes I will draw people closer to God, but in reality I will probably push them further from God. And I have faith that the Spirit of God will meet them where I failed to show them God’s grace and hope.

It is prayer that this would not be said, “Whoever came to church desperate for a word from the Lord had to do without.” Because whether that word comes from my mouth, or is in response to some asinine comment I make, the gracefilled word of the Lord needs to be proclaimed at worship.

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