a chuckle

this gave me a chuckle today:
It turns any website into Snoop Dog language.
PTSem Mission Statement Snoopified
(apologies for the language if you are offended, if not, then no apologies.)

Princeton Theolizzle Seminary prepares men n –uh, let’s just say it said women– ta serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by faith, integrity, scholarship, competizzles compassion, n jizzy pimpin’ T-H-to-tha-izzem fo` leadership worldwide in congregizzles n tha rappa church, in classrooms n tha academy, n in tha public arena ridin’ in mah double R.

A professizzle n graduate schoo` of tha Presbytizzle Church (U.S.A.), tha Seminary stands witin tha Reformed tradition, affirm’n tha sovereignty of tha triune God over all creation, tha Gospel of Jesus Christ as God’s sav’n word fo` all people, tha mackin’ powa of tha word n Spirit in all of life, n tha unity of Christ’s servant church throughout tha world. This tradition shapes tha instruction, research, practical cruisin’ n clockin’ education provided by tha Seminizzles as well as tha theolizzles scholarship it promotes so jus’ chill.

In response ta Christ’s hollarin’ fo` tha unity of tha church, tha Seminary embraces in its life n work a rich racial n ethnic diversity n tha breadth of communions represented in tha worldwide church . It’s your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. In response ta tha trippin’ wizzle of tha Holy Spirit, tha Seminary offa its theolizzles scholarship in service ta God’s renewal of tha church’s life n mission. In response ta God’s sovereign claim over all creation, tha Seminary seeks ta engage Christian faith wit intellectual, politizzles n economic life in pursuit of truth, justice, compassion, n peace.

To these ends, tha Seminary provides a residizzles community of worship n learn’n where a sense of weed-smokin’ is tested n defined, where Scripture n tha Christian tradition is appropriated critically, where faith n intellect mature n life-long friendships begin, n where habits of disciplizzles is so nourished tizzy memba of tha community may learn ta proclaim wit conviction, courage, wisdom, n love tha good news tizzle Jesus Christ is Lord.

Adopted by tha Board of Trustees, May 1996

–If you would like to learn more about our illustrious institution please visit: PTS

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