Priest Idol

I discovered this article last night, and thought it was funny.

“A Wheaton grad ends up on British reality TV. His mission: Save a dying church. How many American priests end up in their own reality show on British television? James McCaskill did just that when he moved last year from Pittsburgh to the town of Lundwood in England’s South Yorkshire district. He was brought in to revitalize a church whose congregation had dropped below ten, and his turnaround efforts were filmed for one year by a camera crew. The results will air—under the name Priest Idol—in a three-part series in November on the UK’s Channel 4. Nate Anderson sat down with McCaskill on a recent visit to the U.S. to talk about ministry and media.”

Then I thought it was troubling…”his mission save a dying church.

Might there be other needs for a gifted minister?

Is there a problem that the pastor utilized a marketing firm called “Proganda” to help rejuvinate the church?

While I do believe the church should be involved in cultural dialogue, it makes me wonder where we are putting our resources and if we always make the best decision.

Perhaps this was a good mission; either way I have confidence that God can utilize endeavors such as this.

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