trade freedom?

“Most people in Hong Kong don’t understand what they (the protesters) are doing,” said K.K. Cheung, a retired construction engineer. “This is not in their culture. They like free trade.”

That reveals the point that most Wealthy nationalist fail to realize, these protests are because the current situation may look like “free trade,” but it provides little structure for Freedom. Yes, tariff-free cotton from Africa imported into the United States is “free,” but it is not liberating.
Here are some interesting quotes from a Reuters article:

Rich nations wrangle, poor complain at trade talks

  • “In the three days the meetings have taken so far, the rich countries have transferred more than $2 billion to their farmers in various forms of support,” World Bank Vice President Danny Leipziger said in a statement.
    “In the same period, the 300 million poorest people in Africa have earned less than $1 billion between them.”
  • The United States also came under fire over the $4 billion a year in subsidies enjoyed by its cotton farmers, and won little respite when it announced its willingness to offer duty-free access for cotton from impoverished West African states.
  • But the United States has been reluctant to allow poor exporters free access to sensitive areas such as textiles, sugar and cotton, and Japan does not want to open up its rice market.
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