coming down of the high

Earlier I posted about a conversation with Solomon’s Porch pastor at an Emergent Event. This evening, I have been able to experience his insightful comment.

After preaching, the body sorts of shuts down from the creative buzz it takes to prepare and deliver a sermon.

New Year’s day I got to preach 3 sermons at my field ed church: 9am, 11am, and 6pm. The first two opportunities were done in a more traditional setting, where the congregation is seated in the pews miles away from the pulpit and pretending to be listening with their newyear’s dazed minds.

The final service was a coffe style which felt much more intimate. The formality of the service was gone. The youth, who enjoy the sofas, are crammed right up at the foot of stage, while the adults are seated around tables in the back. All lit by candles of course. Without my requesting it, the band played a Switchfoot song, which cordinated perfectly with my sermon’s big idea: “we were meant for so much more…”

The sermon came from Mark 1:9-20, and was based on the idea that regardless of our ability to live up to the world’s standards/expectations we are still God’s Beloved. -Full Text-

What was amazing at the this experience is how it confirmed my calling; my desire to minister to young adults in a coffe style, informal worship service that incorporates contemporary music. And how my preaching comes the most alive in that setting (based on my own feelings and the feedback I received).

Now, I can relax, and enjoy the post-preaching buzz.

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