where have I been?

alas, without a laptop, it is far more difficult to get on here and post. I some ways it has been healthy for me not to have the internet humming away in my lap, as I watch TiVo, read, type, play minesweeper and recatalogue my library simultanously. Perhaps this is why my attention span is getting shorter.

Either way,
here are some updates to the photo albums.

Blue Water Fishing Tournament:
Went to Jacksonville to do some deep sea fishing. Left the house at 1:15am! Went to sea at 3am and dropped our first lines in at 6am in the Gulf Stream. Lines were out by 3pm. In the end as a boat we caught 7 Dolphin (the fish not the mammal type), and 5 baracuda…two billfish “got away,” naturally. I was responsible for two Dolphin and two baracuda.

End of the Year Building Dinner:

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