for the glory

100degrees, 95% humidity, pads, black jerseys, helmets, windsprints, the red rack (hope it is still there)…why do they do it?
It is not for money, it is not for fame, it is for the love of football.
Unlike those guys with their fancy conferences, and bowl games, and “scholarships,”
The men down at Davidson College are going through two-a-days right now because they love the game.

As for me,
I have tried to run twice in this heat to begin formal training for the Philadelphia Marathon.
Once my 6 miler turned into 3 mile run and a 1 mile walk. It is amazing how zapped, dizzy and weird you can feel running in this heat. Thankfully I was with a buddy and we decided it was rather stupid to keep pushing.
The second attempt, I “smartly” went to the seminary’s gym to run on their treadmill. However, since the seminary has not added airconditioning on its list of improvements the temperature in the gym was equal to the 100degrees outside.
So I ended up running for 40 minutes as opposed to my 60 minute training schedule, before running out of energy and sweat.

It begs the same question as folks are asking the boys at DC?

Pride, love of the sport, or…stupidity.

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