are you freaking kidding me?

Sorry, but I am irrate right now.
this has happened thrice…unfortunately I realize that if you are smart of enough to use a computer, or read, or even breathe than you probably are not the culperate, but seriously.

So, this morning I went out on a 17 mile run. 9 miles north, 8 miles south, with a mile walk home. Half a mile into the starting point I drop a water bottle [actually I stand it up so it does not look like it was accidentially dropped], so I will have fresh water to come back and drink. For those in CRW–I put it right at the corner of the bridge and the canal (a 50 mile atheletic trail).

When I came back (after 2:30 hours of running), its gone! Some imbeicle probably figured that since no one picked it up after their 20minute walk then obviously it was left there (harsh, I know, but I am thirsty, tired and pissed).

Had this been the first time, I would have been okay with it. But just last weekend, I dropped my towel and waterbottle at the bridge–and some imbecile took the towel but left me the water bottle!

Had that been the first time, I would have been okay with it. But last fall, while training, I had dropped my waterbottle and towel a mile into the run. When Lindsay and I were 2 miles from returning to that spot, I saw a woman carrying my waterbottle and towel! Her response to my confrontation, “oh, I thought someone left it.” (Argh!)

So please, if you are on the canal and see a full water bottle standing up with a towel attached to it, for the love all things pure and holy, leave it alone.

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