thoughts at 36,000ft

As many of my friends know, I have recently become rather terrified of flying. Thankfully this was the best flight I have had in years, and with the calm air and the macbook to journal my thoughts, I was able to spend the two hours working on a midterm, prayerfully capture my ideal calling and reflect on the upcoming baby.

I was going to share what I had written, but it was in second person and a little to sappy for public eyes. And when I tried to change the “you”s into “(s)he”s and “him/her”s it lost some of its connectivity…
Therefore the clifnote version is captured in these lines:

“…That is what I am discovering right now. While Lindsay is the one discovering the daily joys of you (such as your kicks and flutters, heart beat, and more), I am unable to offer you anything. Yet that is also what I am discovering this journey of faith to be like. There is nothing vital that we bring God, rather God invites us to be participators in Christ to impact the lives of each other.
That is what my expectant hope is; not that I would selfishly gain something at your birth, but that I can participate in your life and in your spiritual journey so that you may discover the true Hope.”

One thought on “thoughts at 36,000ft

  1. Wes, Thanks for sharing this. Like you, I am now a father-to-be, but I have found myself consumed lately with anxieties: “how will we afford this baby?” etc. This post reminded me of the sacredness and mystery of what is happening. This was very encouraging to me, so thanks. And God bless you, and Lindsay, and the newcomer.

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