Panther Apologetics

So I have been searching for months to find an internet feed of Panther football so that I may enjoy the mediocre Panthers.

Then one day while driving back from Philly, I discovered 1110AM, which is WBT out of Charlotte, NC. The strange thing is, I get this AM station only at night. The stranger thing is 920AM, which is a mile and half down the road from me, goes out once the sun goes down.

So in other words, I am able to pick up a radio station 600miles away, while a station located a mile down the road is inaudible, in order to listen to my local announcers call the Carolina Panthers MNF game (Who by the way, are lightyears ahead of Tony and Joe).

Couple this with the fact that ESPN has been out for 5 days in CRW, and “magically” reappears hours before the Panther’s kickoff, and I think you cannot find a stronger proof of God’s provision and providence…Or perhaps my sacrilege.

2 thoughts on “Panther Apologetics

  1. I can pick up 900CHML from Hamilton, ON, Canada and its broadcast of Molson Maple Leaf Hockey in the car at night & used to listen Wed nights on my way home from Internship last year. I thought it quite odd too – now if only I could pick up Red Wings…

  2. By thew way: I was around woman running in a Mukvacoc Maple Leaf Jersey. For 10 of those miles I contemplated how “silly” of mascot the Maple Leafs are.

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