You know you are an adult when…

I was thinking graduating from college would have been that point, Or perhaps voting in an election, Or when we found out Lindsay is pregnant.

But, recently I have realized I am an adult because I complain about taxes alot.
Mainly in two areas:
New Jersey’s 40% tobacco tax is ridiculous, and worth every minute of my drive to Pennsylvania for good cigars at Mr. Stoogy’s.

And now added to my list is iTunes, they charge tax on their song selections, even on a gift card.
So, now I am curious to know if someone buys a card at Target as a gift, are they taxed as well?
If so-then that would be a double taxation, and seems very wrong to me.
Either way, iTunes could at least charge 99 cents (tax included).

Oh well,
Still have 28.94 left on my card, so I must return to pay the man at iTunes.

PS- shouldn’t Christian music be taxfree due to the separation of the state and religion?

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