Worst Sunday of The Year

Well folks, it is that time of year again.
The worst Sunday of The Year,
It occurs ever year at this time,
and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

We were teased yesterday with
the Pro Bowl and the Budwesier Shootout,
but unfortunately on this Sabbath,
there is neither Football nor NASCAR.

I know what you are thinking:
but what about Easter, Mother’s Day,
and the Superbowl Bye Week.
Alas with those days you are in the midst of either season, but today my friends we are naught.

We are in the already but not yet,
The Superbowl has already occurred, but the Superbowl of Racing has not yet.

Therefore, take comfort and let us wait patiently, for next week we shall all rejoice.

peace and blessings on this, the worst Sunday of the Year.

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