Davidson, arrogant?

Great quote in the Charlotte Observer today:

What if Davidson beats [Maryland] today?

“The kids in Charlotte,” says Wildcats forward Thomas Sander, “might finally say, `I know where Davidson is’ instead of, `Where’s Davidson?’ “

What else?

“They might have to build another bar in Davidson,” he says.

What else?

“We might start to see some arrogance,” says Sander, a junior. “That would be kind of cool because you don’t usually think of Davidson people as arrogant.”

Are you kidding me? Davidson people believe if you didn’t graduate from their school, you didn’t graduate.

“Athletic arrogance,” he says.

I don’t know what they are talking about, Davidson grads arrogant?

Just because

  • 94% of my stories begin “When I was at Davidson”,
  • Woodrow Wilson found it too difficult that he had to leave for Princeton U. after two years
  • as a frat brother said to a UNCC grad: “My PE credit is worth more than your diploma.”

    Does not mean we are arrogant…I prefer pompous, pretentious and self-consumed.

    GO CATS!

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