where have I been lately?

Sorry for the lack of updates–and that most of them come in the form of photos over words. But I am trying to save my typing for my final push through school. Two weeks left and I will no longer be a student…Amen to that.

Then I just have to find a job:
Prayers would be appreciated on both fronts.

See you on the otherside of finals,

2 thoughts on “where have I been lately?

  1. Hey, send me a copy of your Barth paper when you’re done with it. The title is catchy. Also, check my blog if you want to see some pics of the boy. I think he and Ellie had a moment yesterday.

  2. I’m praying for you Wes on all fronts. You are a true friend and we need to find some time to connect before we part ways from PTS. I am more guilty of being in hiding…

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