Lindsay and I have recently discovered the stress of transitions. With the addition of Baby Ellie, the concept of getting out the door on time and stress-free has escaped us. Getting ready to go, or just coming back from somewhere is a challenge course of obsticales we try to avoid.
On our 13 hour drive/move to Atlanta this past weekend, I realized that not only are these small transitions stressful but so are the large ones that loom over us for the next couple of weeks and months.
We have moved to Atlanta with a few suitcases and a ton of baby gear to live in my parents basement for the summer. Loading a storage POD with the rest of our belongings means that our comfort zones (i.e. the leather recliner or my playstation) are no longer available.
We are visiting churches over the next couple of weeks. This will provide not only the little concerns of what if Ellie starts to fuss during a meal, or what if I say something stupid, but also the larger transition of figuring out to where God is calling us.
The lack of consistency shall be an interesting challenge for our family, who most know thrive off of structure, organization and planning.
I will keep you posted…in the meantime my new email address is wbbary at Peace

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