I was sitting in my office today at 8:45 writing out a prayer, as I began to stare out the window. Lo and behold, I saw the Goodyear blimp flying around the church building. Then I noticed all the surface lots around the church starting to fill up. I was wondering, how in the world are we going to fit all of these people into our pews, and then I remembered–the Panthers were playing (if that is what you call the embarassment they coughed up today).

But this morning, I had my own gameday, as I was able to assist in worship at First Presbyterian for the first time. While I was extremely nervous all week because of timing the “live” tv component, once the service began I was able to fully worship today. As I sat in the highback chairs overlooking the congregation, I was grateful for God calling us to this community.

This past week has been a total affirmation of God’s call for our family here. Saturday was Lindsay and I’s 5 year reunion at Davidson. While speaking with the Alumni coordinator, she asked me what church I was serving. When I said First Presbyterian, her immediate response was, “Wow, how did you pull that?” Her words expressed the humble yet excited heart I have for serving this church.

As I have looked back over my “Sense of Call” statement that I wrote last November in preparation for the job search. It is eerie yet totally appropriate that every aspect of my sense of call has been fulfilled here. I am also able to look back over the annoying, disappointing and frustrating time I had last fall, since I did not pass my exegesis ordination exam. It was a truly humbling experiencing–since my only other stumble like that was the 47% and 49% I got in Intro to Psychology back at Davidson. But I can now see God’s agonizing timing throughout all of the ordeals we have faced over the past year, which have helped to prepare us for this new opportunity.

As I walked home from the church this afternoon, going against the flow of Panther fan traffic, I was celebrating my own gameday and began preparing for the next as I look forward to seeing where God will lead me and this congregation as we seek to serve him.

6 thoughts on “Gameday

  1. Yeah, had you passed Exegesis, you’d probably be stuck in some po-dunk church in Louisiana or Washington or Minnesotta – or Ohio…You never would have realized your potential in ACC/SEC country!

  2. Um, yeah…never spoke with them.My list was Beaumont, Cordova, Albany, Tulsa, Tuscaloosa, Winston-Salem…But I do hear about Mankato alot more in the news.

  3. Who’s the girl in the picture, Wes? Your new position is making me jealous, and I LOVE being where I am. The only thing it lacks is your urban context. I’m so happy that such quality pastor made it into Charlotte. BTW, the only good thing about football down here is that I can see all the Big Ten games on DirecTV. The Georgia fandom is ridiculously unfounded. (Just don’t tell my church I wrote that.)Troy

  4. Oh yeah, how far are you from Myers Park Pres? Our church goes up every summer for their CROSS program. Maybe I can convince them to let me jump on board next year.Troy

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