What a weekend

Ah, I have finally been able to settle in. For the past few months–really since graduation last May, life has been busy with job searching, surgeries, moving, moving again, moving again, starting a job…yada yada yada.
But the past weekend was the quiet that I have needed to catch my breath and regroup. Thursday night Lindsay went out for a ladies night leaving Ellie and I to find for ourselves. Meaning a bath, dinner and a bedtime story.
Friday was spent raking the yard–that’s right I have a yard to rake.
Saturday was a day in the gym.
And Sunday was teaching two Sunday School classes, but then I got to sit in worship. It was the first time in 7 straight weeks that I was not assisting in worship. Unfortunately, it looks like the Panthers season is over, and it is time now to move onto Davidson Basketball.

Here are some photos from our new neighborhood’s halloween block party, and Ellie starting to crawl:

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