"They like me, they really like me"

One step closer to ordination…today, I was officially called by the congregation.
The past couple of weeks have been funny, because I have fielded dozens of questions: “Were you just an interim?” “Are you leaving already?” “Things not work out?”
I did realize the danger of being at the church in a lay capcity…they got two months free of me, and coulda voted me down today. Thankfully, with the Thanksgiving weekend, I think my detractors were all out of town.
The other entertaining piece of information is that our 11am service is sent to the surrounding area via live broadcast on CBS, which supposedly goes out to thousands of viewers in the Piedmont region. Today’s service was on the shorter side, so that means the congregational meeting was probably broadcast out there. Nothing like having random people hearing the financial figures of your terms of call on live TV!

2 thoughts on “"They like me, they really like me"

  1. Congrats, man! My question – had they been paying you at the ordained salary rate already & paying your healthcare & pension? Or had they REALLY been getting you “free” or “on-the-cheap” like the website’s description might suggest… “Wes Barry”?

  2. Your life is an open book now and it appears that your salary was put on TV too…Don’t worry, we’ll have some footage of you from Texas to put up on YouTube and other sites. Then we’ll see how the votes come in…

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