God’s Warriors

CNN Presents repeated an interesting episode last night where the examined the impact of Evangelical Christianity on politics. Some of the clips were disturbing to see how evangelism is equated with being against something (e.g. abortion) rather than “good news.” Two of the more interesting segments were about Cizik and Greg Boyd.
They both articulated well the desire for the church to stop being narrowly defined by particular agendas and trying to broaden the message of God’s good news for all people. Cizik has been lambasted for daring to suggest that the Evangelical church should be add Creation Care to its concerns. Boyd has been labeled a heretic for arguing that American and Christian are not, nor should not be synonyms.

One of the best lines from the episode was that if we are going to be pro-life we need to be pro-all-of-life and therefore should be concerned with the poor and the broken as much as we worried about the unborn child.

And one of the strangest interactions, where you could see Amanpour’s cyncism come out was this exchange with Ron Luce, a teen minister of BattlyCry and Teen Mania:

AMANPOUR: When I, you know, read that women have to wear skirts of a certain length and guys aren’t allowed to, you know, go on the Internet unsupervised, and I think, you know, totalitarian regimes.
LUCE: No. It’s about learning to have disciplines that communicate purity. You know? The skirts’ lengths are to keep guys from – you know, any man on the planet can be distracted. And we don’t want to unintentionally create distraction.
AMANPOUR: But, Ron, that’s what the Taliban said. They kept woman in their house, because men couldn’t be trusted around them.

Poor Luce had this look like “what the hell? that was not on the prep sheet.”

One thought on “God’s Warriors

  1. Wes,Greg Boyd was my college advisor, and a friend. He is definitely a voice crying in the wilderness on this issue. He lost 1/5 of his congregation when he preached a series challenging the reigning evangelical attitude about politics and church. He awoke in me a passion for the church to truly be counter-cultural and a polis dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ, which incidentally means letting ourselves die in the process so he can truly reign. Glad you got the chance to *interact* with him.And, btw, I got your message. I’ll try giving you a call tomorrow night.

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