Back in the South

Ah, it’s official. I have moved back to the South. Last week I turned in my New Jersey plates for North Carolina tags. And then I was abrubtly reminded of the South’s unbriddled fear of “black ice.”

Wednesday night we received a dusting of snow–maybe a full inch on the grassy areas. As a result, all schools were closed, businesses had delayed openings as I arrived at the church via empty and dry roadways.

Then the weather people claimed that another storm with 1-3 inches was blowing into the area on Saturday. I bit the bullet and cancelled my morning run, but woke up to clear skies and perfect running weather.

However, the snow did start to fall around 5pm last night. As the wintry mix started to fall, I was surprised to see that none of it piled up and that the 1-3 inch prediction was way off because we received 0 accumilation.

Thinking nothing of it, I woke up this morning, walked the dog on the dry road, drank some coffee and drove into church to learn that our church along with many, many churches in Charlotte were only having 11am services. The problem is that churches made the decision at 8pm last night when the wintry mix was falling, and not this morning when it is a beautiful and dry Sunday.

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