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Dear friends, family and random blog readers:

First, thanks for making this site a part of your internet addiction. But secondly, as you have noticed the recent emphasis upon community, genuineness and “asking for help” we are getting ready to launch a new worship service here at First Presbyterian Church.

Oh the things I have learned in 6 months of ministry, one of which is the necessity–yet difficulty–of constant prayer. Therefore, if you are a praying person, I would ask that you might pray over this new worship service called Crossroads which starts March 9th at 5pm.

It is my prayer that this service would
1) Connect with the surrounding uptown Charlotte residents and provide a meaningful and genuine worship service.
2) Equip, empower and send our members so that church is not just “done on Sunday mornings.”
3) Be glorifying to God, and not built around any one personality. (really the #1)
4) Be an enhancement to our church’s ministry and not a wedge.

For me personally:
1) That I would learn to “trust in the Lord with all [my] heart, and do not rely upon my own insight” (Proverbs 3:5)
2) That I would not grow in faith as I struggle through the stresses of starting a worship service.
3) That as a family we would remain encouraged and strong as we take this risk.

One thought on “Crossroads Prayers

  1. Doing this service is an act of faith on your part (and on the part of your church). I will pray for you and for those who need to attend this service – that God may use this in a powerful way. God bless you, Wes.

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