In seminary, I was never really a fan of Paul’s. I felt that the narrative of the Gospels were far more interesting and appealing because they were stories that could draw the hearer of any time in to the life of Christ. Granted this may be due to Young Life’s canon of Genesis 1-3 and the Gospel of John.
But I have recently found the story of Paul fascinating by viewing him a missionary, a pastor, seeking to articulate matters of faith to particular contexts.
In Kummel’s Intro to the New Testamenthe says, “Standing nearest the private letters are Philemon, II and III John…but even such brief, intimate lines from Paul and the “elder”…are…no private correspondence.” Or in other words, Paul understands all that he reads and writes is not for private consumption but for the inspiration and encouragement of a broader Christian community.
In my own small way, I have seen how as preachers everything we read, listen to, watch, etc. is no longer for private consumption but always viewed through the lens, “How can I use this to share God’s message?”

One thought on “Paul-like

  1. Interesting, as I’m reading “the Secret Message of Jesus” by McLaren, he touched a bit on the whole theoretical Jesus-Paul divide and he had some need stuff to say.If you’re looking for another book in your queue, I’d recommend it.

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