Coming back from a leadership conference Tuesday night. Lindsay and I were sound asleep when we were awoken to what we thought were gun shots.
Now having been a city boy, I have never held or seen a pistol. I have shot a few shotguns in my life, but I happily admit my handgun naivete. So I was not convinced that they were shots since it did not follow with any screeching, screaming or other noises.
Wednesday I checked out the neighborhood message board that reports any crime concerns. Nothing. So we figured it was nothing.
Turns out this morning, we learned that our immediate neighbor was held up at gun point at 11:45 Tuesday night and robbed by 4 men after he returned from work. Strangely, the police report made no mention of the gun shots.

Now we live in picturesque suburbia, so it is unuseful for this to happen near us let alone next to us.

Needless to say I will be heading to Home Depot to buy some flood lights.

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood

  1. ahh… you WERE serious.So, did they break IN to the home? If so, floodlights aren’t all that helpful. But I know I’d feel better knowing that Savannah was prowling about…

  2. yes, savannah the wonder dog who didn’t make a peep at all! they didn’t break into the house, they confronted him in his driveway/yard as he came home from work.

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