Devotion: Weeding Life

I have recently taken up gardening, or perhaps more precisely weeding.

At first, I tackled the large, obvious weeds that were comingled with other plants in my garden. Satisfied, I stepped back thinking my work was complete. But then I noticed some other tuffs of green sprouting up. After pulling those up, I looked even closer to the dirt and discovered tiny green leaves just starting to arise. Suddenly all I could see were these green shoots all over the place making me realize that the work of weeding is never complete.

So, I decided to go for a run.

While running, I passed by a few beautifully manicured homes that had been my models of inspiration. Yet now my eyes were trained to spot tiny weeds, and to my utter surprise I saw their gardens filled with the same mocking green leaves. So I returned to my house comforted to know that even the most professional gardeners have to wrestle with the weeds, yet I remained committed to the long battle of weeding my garden.

I have found this to be an interesting metaphor for spiritual growth. As we seek to grow in our Christian faith, we will inevitably come face to face with sin in our lives—things God does not want growing in our hearts. Some will be glaring weeds that are easy to detect and choke out our lives. Yet others will be small, and at first unperceivable things. As we begin to survey our lives we may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of these “areas needing improvement,” yet inaction will only make them grow deeper and more rooted. Likewise, we may take comfort knowing that others have sins—even the most polished of people—but if we focus our attention upon their depravity we fail to tend to the areas of our lives that are in need of God’s transforming love.

Are their any glaring things in your life that are choking the life out of you? What may be some small “harmless” things that if left untended may become rooted into your heart?

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