100 Words or Less Preaching

As I prepare for preaching this Sunday, I found an interesting feature on Word. AutoSummarize “100 Words or Less.” So I thought I would see what my 2700 word sermon would be boiled down to by the computer.

A Demanding Faith
Genesis 22:1-18
Matthew 20:17-18
“Do we not make similar demands of God? Creating a god who will abide by our demands.

It is because we see the demands God put upon his Son, that we understand the demands for our faith.

God demands faithfulness.

Abraham shows us a person who, rather than bringing a list of demands to God, was accepting of God’s demands upon him.

And through Abraham’s lineage comes Jesus Christ.

This demands that we go and do something with our life for God.

James, the son of Zebedee, he experienced the extreme demands of faith.”

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