Devotion: Trust Me

Psalm 20:7

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord.”


It seems like 90% of our spiritual questions boil down to a question of trust.

            We are quick to trust ourselves.

We often assume that we have the answers to life questions for ourselves; that we can judge what is good for our own lives.  We figure that if we can control the situation, the information available, then we can produce a desired outcome.  We trust that we can get it done.

            While we often trust ourselves to a fault, we are hesitant to trust other people.  We tentatively enter into relationships because we worry that the other person may discover something unpleasant about us; may derail our plans.  So until they prove themselves worthy over time, we are unlikely to trust them. 

            The Psalmist, however, describes a radically different worldview.  Some trust in chariots and horses—things that we can accumulate.  It is easy to trust stuff.  Stuff can be touched, it can have value, it can be sold, bought, manipulated, traded, and owned.  But, as the Psalmist says, those who follow Christ are different because they trust in the name of the Lord.  Not in themselves, and not in stuff, but in the name of the Lord.

When it comes to trusting God, this is the most difficult relationship.  We are used to reading body language, decipher tones of voice, receiving sympathetic touches to build our trust with other people.  God however, does not work that way.

God simply says, “Follow Me.”  In other words, “Trust me.”


            Why are we quick to trust our own abilities, when we are often our own harshest critics?  What area of your life are you desperately trying to control rather than trusting God?


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