Devotion: Offering a Helping Hand

Just in case you saw me on Monday at Cotswold, let me explain…I was helping a waitress carry those two cases of Bud Light into the bar.  God’s ironic timing was tremendous, because I was having lunch with a friend when this waitress approached struggling with the cases of beer.  My friend and I were discussing the role of ministers, and all Christians, to demonstrate faithful living.

Which would a better demonstration of faithful living:  personal piety by not supporting the alcohol/bar scene or service by helping her carry the boxes?

Just a few short decades ago, a minister may have very well been disciplined for fraternizing a bar or carrying cases of beer through the city.  The concern was that someone would not appear “above reproach.”  Now, however, people are hungry for genuine and authentic community; where our actions demonstrate what we say.

As Christians, we are called by God not to consider how our actions may make us look better than we are.  We are not to do a cost analysis to see if our action will improve our social status, get us promoted or make people love us more.  As Christians we are called to set aside ourselves so that others may be glorified.  To sacrifice our prestige and status for the benefit of someone else.  To embarrass ourselves for the benefit of someone else. 

This is what Christ modeled for us, a sacrificial love.  Christ demonstrated the love of God by going into the not-so Christian parts of town, by eating with tax collectors, hanging out with a prostitute, by empowering a bunch of illiterate fishermen, and by allowing us-a random group of people-to become the church.

What ways are we willing to put our faith into action?  Who is God calling you to serve?  Are you willing to embarrass yourself for someone else’s benefit?



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