Devotion: What is in a name? was in Antioch that the disciples were first called ‘Christians.'”  Acts 11:26
This is the first time that Christian appears in the Bible.  What is interesting is that this was not a self-given title but something that they were called.
While we may choose to take upon the title of Christian, for these disciples this was a descriptor given to them by others.  Therefore it had to be based on the ways they were publically living out their faith.
Charlotte is perhaps one of the last major areas in America where the title Christian still contains social benefits and status.  In the Northeast and Western States there is very little prestige to be gained from associating oneself with the Christian religion.  This is similar to the situation in Antioch and the broader region.  For that culture they needed a new name to describe these people because they no longer fit neatly into any other category, since they had placed their faith in Jesus Christ.
They stood out in the community.  They were different than their friends and even their family because of their faith.  As a result they had to come up with a term to describe these new people’s faith.  And so the name “Christian” was formed.
In what ways are you allowing your faith to differentiate you?  Would others look at your actions and consider you a Christian?  Why or why not?  

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