Devotion: Rest

“And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.”  Genesis 1:5


Did God get this backwards? 

It was evening and then morning? 

That seems out of order for our modern lifestyle.  The morning is what begins a new day for us.  Our alarms awaken us to the morning tasks we have before us, and our electric lights illumine our homes well into the evening.  We try to squeeze more and more work into our days, and reduce the amount of evening.

God, however, has a different schedule.

God begins with the evening.  It is in the darkness, when we are supposed to be at rest, that God begins his creative work.  Did you know sleep is a spiritual discipline?  Sleep says that God is the one who is at work in the world.  When we awaken, we are then able to enjoy and participate in the world that He created.

God’s grace precedes our actions, because while we were sleeping God was making all things new.

This new rhythm of evening and then morning, sets us into a better rhythm with God.  We realize that we awaken to world we didn’t make, but we awaken refreshed, prepared and eager to work for God.


Why do we try to squeeze more and more time out of our busy lives?  What are we afraid will happen if we rest?  Is the idea of Sabbath (rest) lost in our modern world?  How might you make a bold theological statement this week and rest?

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