Devotion: Post-Easter Blues

“While they were still talking about this [that Jesus was risen], Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’” Luke 24:36.

I cannot believe Easter was just three days ago…honestly, I have already moved on. I saw a friend on Tuesday who I missed seeing over Easter, and as we departed, I shouted, “Happy Easter.” I thought to my self—silly, Easter was two days ago. Then it struck me—if we believe the Easter morning story, every day should have an easter meaning for us. Christ is alive and at work around us.

Imagine those disciples, 4 days after the tomb was empty…one week after celebrating the last supper and washing his feet. Do you think they went back to work, to their friends/spouses, to their old routines without a changed heart? Without a new attitude? I must confess, that I have. 4 days later, and I find myself doing the same things, without having really reflected and celebrated on the after-effect of Easter. I glossed over it on my calendar, much like Arbor day, ready to tackle the “real” work after the holiday.

What would it mean to live like today was Easter? How might we not take this for granted? Can you feel the presence of Christ standing among you saying, “peace be with you?”

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