First Day of Kindergarden Stories

Ellie begins Kindergarden tomorrow. It made me think of my first day and I wanted to tell her the story: On the first day of Kindergarden I my parents were called into the principals office.

Upon further reflection I realized this is not a story to be shared…to her.

There I was enjoying this new thing in life called “recess” when I found myself stuck behind Josh (to this day i remember his name but don’t want to expose his full name so the googlebots blow my cover) atop the playset. He nervously looked down the 8 foot wooden ladder, probably trying decipher how to best navigate this apparatus while his mother is miles away at home enjoying the first real respite of motherhood in the past 6 years.
Anyway, as Josh hesitated…I got irritated; shoving Josh off the playset. The dull thud of his body hitting the dirt (we didn’t have the luxury of mulch back then) overpowered the soft snapping sound of his arm breaking.
As he was rushed to the hospital, I was rushed to the principals office.
My parents celebrating their youngest child been sent into the structure of school, were abruptly called out of the celebration to come pick me up.
Thankfully Dr. Brown already had two Barry kids come through her school that she and my parents knew each other. Their earlier relationship had been built over a positive experiences but now she clearly had to wonder what had happened with this third child.

Josh returned the next day as did I, and overtime he became one of my closest friends in elementary school.

So what was your first day of school like?

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